Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Online Galleries

Having a gallery on my own website is one thing, but there are alternatives such as having my paintings on any of the many online galleries.

A long time ago (2000) I sold several paintings through an early online gallery Rising Artists. They no longer exist, though there is a unrelated website with that name. Soon after these successful sales they went through a low time, and I never heard any more from them.

Also, I have tried as a Preferred (which means paid money) member without any success.

Several bloggers, particularly Empty Easel, have reviewed many online galleries and have published evaluations of what they believe are the leading online galleries of the moment. Of these I have put my paintings up in Imagekind and RedBubble. These both offer digital art prints and cost nothing for me to post my paintings. Though I paid to upgrade my listing with
Imagekind. If they sell a print I get a percentage of the sale price plus part of their framing profit. I have had lots of traffic, but so far no sales.

Empty Easel also provides good reviews of several online galleries that will offer my paintings for sale. One "Boundless Gallery" looks atractive and I have spent part of today uploading several paintings images. It is quite slow due to the size of the images. I will have to see how it goes. They have several levels of listing from free upwards. At this time I have gone for the free listing. I will review in a while when I examin the activity.

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