Saturday, September 15, 2007

California Art Club

The Summer 2007 issue of the California Art Club Newsletter was delivered by mail today. The newsletter has unusual and interesting articles and I enjoy reading each issue.

It comes to me because I am a Painting/Sculpting Patron Member. This is a category containing most artists members, since the real artist membership is limited to an exclusive 300. Only a handful of new full members are accepted each year to replace those who have fallen by the wayside for some reason.

Each year I have an invitation to submit artwork
(together with a substantial check) to be juried in to full membership. Last year I filled out the form and applied. Later I received a letter saying only three new members were accepted - as might be expected, all were winners of their annual competition shows. This year I let the opportunity go past.

Patron Membership is $65/year, and once again I paid my fee for this year.

Another problem is that nearly all of their events are in the Pasadena (California) area. Pasadena is several miles to the Northeast of Los Angeles and some 125 miles from Santa Barbara.

We have a local branch here in Santa Barbara, but it is limited to periodic paintouts. Why do I remain a member - well the newsletter is a plus. But sometimes I wonder!

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