Sunday, January 04, 2009

Painting of my Daughter's Montecito Home

Over the years I have painted each of the homes of my children. Even though my daughter has owned their Montecito home for several years. for various reasons I have not got around before to give them a painting of this house.

I have take several photographs over the years and this painting is an integration. Particularly it shows some of the spring and summer flowers that grow around the front path.

Formal Portrait of a Friend Completed

Last month I received back the digital image of my recently completed formal portrait if a friend. The portrait is too big to use my scanning/photomerge technique to make the image myself. The canvas was too large to balance on my scanner. I had to send it to my local photographer who has access to a 25 megapixel camera.

I wanted the high resolution to allow the possible full size print reproduction at ImageKind. I try to make all my paintings available this way.

This is my first attempt at a formal portrait. I started with a series of digital photographs taken at his home. There were groups of images in each of several poses, some seated, and some standing. I used daylight augmented by a floodlight.

From these images I chose a specific pose. Then painted the portrait looking at the various photographs of that pose. The facial expression varied with each image, allowing me to choose the best data from each. I chose to paint a near black background (actually a mixture of red and green complementary pigments) with a slight green rear highlight behind the left shoulder.