Saturday, January 02, 2010

I Have Upgraded My Website.

Over the last few weeks I have revamped my Website to make it easier to use, while adding many more paintings to the listings.

The changes include:

  • For each painting description web page, moving the link to order cards and prints into the left hand column.
  • This allows the painting web pages to be more compact and brings the small image links to other paintings in each series above the web page fold. This makes it easier to jump to another painting in the series without scrolling down the page.
  • Dividing all my paintings into: "Recent Paintings;" "Older Paintings;" and "Paintings In Private Collections." The latter greatly expanded group shows the great volume of my artwork already in private collections. While the Recent Paintings group separates out my newer work.
  • Adding two new articles: "On Oil Painting" which describes in detail the processes I use to develop my paintings; and "The Back Of Your Painting" which explains the markings and labels on the back of each painting.
To visit my website go to:

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