Sunday, March 02, 2008

New Thoughts – New Words

I was posting my latest painting to the Imagekind and BoundlessGallery online galleries. I use Imagekind to offer prints of my paintings, and Boundless to showcase my art for sale.

Both require that I provide a description and tags to enable searching to aid visitors.

When working on the tagging, I noticed that I had used the word "fascinating" to describe my people, instead of "interesting," which I have used for a long time.

The word "fascinating" is a much more powerful word than "interesting." Suddenly it dawned on me that this is the word that I must use from here on.

I paint Fascinating People!!!

So I have spent the rest of the afternoon changing "interesting" into "fascinating" all over my website, and in the headings for this blog.

Actually, it was not very difficult. I use a template for all the pages of my website. Changing it automatically changed all 88 webpages. Then I had to edit about a dozen pages (mostly the Gallery pages) to alter words in the headings.

I like the result. I hope you do too.

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